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Developed by:

Team Scarlet

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Primary Credits:

Team Scarlet:

Emily Halina
Producer, Musician, Level Designer, Programmer, Writer
Jamie Powers
Artist, Audio Designer, Programmer, Writer
Jawdat Toume
Audio Designer, Programmer, Writer
Natalie Iwaniuk
Level Designer, Programmer, Writer


Emily Halina
Jamie Powers
Lead Developer


Steam (Aug 5, 2022)





English, Brazilian Portuguese

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Valerie Malbec is a regular fashion obsessed vampire who wants to go on vacation. All that's stopping her is her sensitivity to sunlight, and rumour has it that a local corporation has a cure.

Ascend 3 unique areas in the search for a cure to Valerie's sunlight sensitivity! The rooms you encounter are randomized each time, so don't get too comfortable! Use Valerie's fantastic mobility to advance through the platforming levels, and dash into enemies to steal blood. Remember to save some for upgrade cocktails for when you're back at home!



Vain Ascendance was first conceptualized as a student project for the University of Alberta Games Certificate Capstone course, where it won the INT D 450 Game of the Year award in April 2022. After the class was completed the 4 members of Team Scarlet committed to releasing an upgraded version of the game on Steam.

The team agreed to release the game under Will-o-Works, a duo team run by Jamie Powers and Emily Halina, and the game was passed to them to complete the upgrades over about 3 months.

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